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How does the nutrition plan work?

 We start by going over what your eating now, what you want to continue to eat and why. We discuss anticancer foods, drinks, vitamins and minerals and cancer-causing foods and how they effect your weight and hormones. Together we customize a realistic and sustainable weight loss and wellness protocol.   

Why teach hormone balance?

Being overweight and hormone imbalance go hand-in-hand causing chronic inflammation, excess estrogen production, insulin resistance, immune response, oxidative stress, and hormone disruptions.  These components can adversely stimulate or suppress cell growth. 

We are able to lose weight and balance our hormones through nutrition, physical activity, sleep, neurobiology, psychology  and by reducing environmental toxins.                             

Why teach psychological and neurobiological management?

Psychological Management is learning to develop the mind-set to enable us to process  our thoughts and emotions about our cancer, bodies and weight loss skillfully.

Neurobiological management is learning how chemicals and impulses work and how to rewire our neural pathways and balance our hormones.  This is the only way to develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

How does being overweight contribute to cancer?

There have been massive amounts of data gathered from epidemiological studies that have made reliable inferences regarding the proven link between being overweight or obese and an increase in cancer mortality risk. 

In my 12 week program, I will explain the 7 reasons why being overweight or obese creates opportunity for cancer to develop.

Fortunately, these risk factors can be reversed by acquiring and maintaining a healthy body weight, not to mention a restored quality of life.

I was overweight before my diagnosis. Will you still coach me?

Absolutely, I’m here to serve my pre-diagnosed overweight and obese sisters as well.  Being overweight or obese can trigger or suppress pathways that contribute to cancer development and recurrence. Thankfully by reaching and maintaining a healthy weight we can reduce or diminish these risk factors

What's the strategy session about?

When you sign up with me for your free 20 minute strategy session, we will talk about your goals, barriers and strategies. 

This call will give us the opportunity to ask questions, address any concerns and give us the chance to find out if we’re a good fit….plus I guarantee that you will get off the call with some amazing information that can help you now.


What's in the weight loss guide?

This guide explains why cancer treatments cause weight gain, how fat cells produce excess estrogen and it’s role in cancer recurrence.  And I give you tips on ways to reduce weight, estrogen levels and recurrence risk so that you can significantly improve your longevity and quality of life with purpose and passion.

What is your 1 on 1 coaching?

I encourage openness by discussing your experience and building a customized comprehensive survivorship program that promotes sustainable healthy weight loss, reduced recurrence risk, and lifestyle changes that will get you back to participating in your life with peace, joy, and energy.


Download my *FREE* Guide to learn how you can start losing weight, balance your hormones & reduce recurrence risk.